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LDANYS is the nation's oldest learning disability advocacy organization.  We are the only voice of advocacy specifically for persons with learning disabilities and related neurological impairments with all levels of NYS government.  We fight everyday for the rights of children and adults to education, supports and services. Additionally, our prevention programs protects children from environmental toxins, fetal alcohol exposure and other causes of acquired learning disability.  Our advocacy depends on the generous donations of people like you. 


LDANYS has been a long-standing collaborative partner with the Childrens Environmental Health Center housed at Mt. Sinai Medical Center and the Icahn School of Medicine in New York City.

More information about the Statewide CEHC Network:

Centers of Excellence in Children’s Environmental Health (pdf)

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NYS Children & Environment Executive Summary (pdf)

NYSCECEH at Stony Brook (pdf)

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