Direct Services

LDA’s regional chapters provide a vast array of direct services. Below is a list of some of the services offered by the chapters of LDA. While this is not a complete list and all services are not available through every chapter, it highlights the primary programs and services. Please contact your local chapter or visit their website for more information on the specific services they offer.  Please note that many of these services are funded through state agencies that have certain requirements for eligibility.  LDA chapters can discuss with you what the terms of eligibility for services are.

Residential Services- Provides adults options in living independently.

Employment Services- Placement and follow-along services

Case Management Services- Provide individuals with an Individualized Service Plan allowing them to access a wide reands of available community sevices.

Recreational Services- Leisure programs and activities for youths and adults.

Educational Counseling- Assistance in bridging the gap between the students and their parents and the educational system.

Summer Enrichment Programs- Focus on improving the educational and personal well being of students.

Lending Libraries- Books and videos on learning disabilities, ADD and related neurological and developmental disorders available for lending to the public.

Referral Services- Counselors, Evaluators, LD specialists, psychologists, tutors, community services.

Phone Consultations- To assist in identifying processes and alternatives to improve children's performance at school and home.

Computer Labs- Designed to improve students' computer literacy, reading, writing, language and social skills.

Crisis Intervention

Family Support Services

GED/ Adult Education Programs

Self Enhancement & Social Skills Development Programs

Adult and Parent Support Groups