Private Schools in New York

Below is a list of private schools in New York that have programs for students with learning disabilities.  LDANYS does not recommend or endorse any of the schools listed but is providing this list for informational purposes only.


Western New York:

Gow School
South Wales, NY

Norman Howard School
Rochester, NY


Mid/ Lower Hudson Valley:

Hallen School
New Rochelle, NY

Karafin School
Mount Kisco, NY

Kildonan School
Amenia, NY

Maplebrook School
Amenia, NY 

Storm King School
Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY

Windward School
White Plains, NY


New York City:

Robert Louis Stevenson School
New York, NY

The Lorge School
New York, NY

The Sterling School
Brooklyn, NY

Stephen Gaynor School
New York, NY

Winston Preparatory School
New York, NY

Gateway School
New York, NY