LD Testing

When you suspect that your child may have a learning disability, what should you do?  To determine if your child does indeed have a learning disability, you will need to have your child evaluated by a psychologist.  This is usually done once you have made a referral to your school's Committee on Special Education (CSE) or (CPSE) Committee on Pre-School Special Education if your child is under the age of 5.  It is recommended that you make this referral in writing to the chairperson of the CSE/ CPSE and that you indicate in the letter that you give your consent for your child to be tested.  Once the referral is received, the school has 60 days to evaluate your child, develop an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and put services in place if your child is determined eligible for special education services.  

Testing Your Child for Learning Disabilities

Criteria for Identifying a Student with a Learning Disability (excerpt from New York State Part 200 Regulations) (PDF)

Independent Educational Evaluation (excerpt from New York State Part 200 Regulations) (PDF)

Assessment and Evaluation